VC(ED) - Introduction to Venture Capital and Startup Investing - Key Terms, Fund Formation & Investment Thesis

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This course brings together the fundamental knowledge any early stage investor must know with over 10 plus years of experience working with startups from the main street to Silicon Valley to global funding sources. Participants of this course will leave with a comprehensive understanding of the global startup investment landscape. Brett, course instructor, who has massive experience in the venture capital area and eager to create an education platform for VC. This course aims to help students learning with complete knowledge along with practical exercise which allows every interested person to participate in!

The course is divided into 4 modules each one respectively having 4 main topics. Each topic has its following exercise which aims to help your learning. In this self-paced course, learners are able to determine their learning progress and practice over and over again. Learners are encouraged to make direct contact with the instructor when facing any doubts or difficulties. We invite you to join us in the journey of building, funding, and profiting from the next generation of world-changing companies. 

There are 4 primary objectives covered in module 1. These objectives are to first introduce the student to the program structure and schedule. Second, introduce the student to key terms and definitions needed. The third objective is to educate the student on fund formation. The final objective is to teach the student how to create an venture fund investment thesis. 


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Brett Noyes

Brett Noyes is the founder and managing director of UnVentures. UnVentures operates a series of FinTech and Blockchain focused incubation programs in Silicon Valley. Prior to starting UnVentures, Noyes built startup incubator programs for famous Angel investor, Jason Calacanis, and world-famous VC Tim Draper. Through this work, the companies he has worked with have raised over five hundred million dollars. This money was raised through angels, venture capitalists, and global fundraising platforms.