Privacy, Data and GDPR: Best Practices for Creating An Online Privacy Policy

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This course Privacy, Data and GDPR: Best Practices for Creating an Online Privacy Policy provides you with the knowledge of the ongoing important issue of privacy and data. We will cover the following topics:


1. The Seven Principles of Privacy

2. Laws and Regulations Around the World including GDPR and COPPA

3. AI and Privacy

4. Blockchain and Privacy

5. Best Practices for Creating an Online Privacy Policy


We will have a holistic perspective of privacy and data from different angles - technology, laws and regulations and the fundamental principles of privacy. 


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Michelle Tsing

Michelle Tsing was an attorney at PayPal, where she helped the Large Merchant Services team achieved ubiquity. Prior to PayPal, she was at Cisco, eBay, Samsung and Apple. 

She co-founded a blockchain payments startup in 2015 and is a strategic advisor to a number of AI, blockchain and 3D printing companies. She is also a mentor for Singularity Univerisity Ventures, Berkeley Blockchain Accelerator, SVI Academy and Hack Temple, which are tech incubators located in the United States. 

She founded Robotics for Good: Chatbots, Messaging and AI community; and had donated her time to both The Loving AI/XPRIZE Project and Robots Without Borders. She is a member of the California and Georgia blockchain advocacy coalitions. She is also producer and host of Laptop Radio at Stanford University.

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