Scott Adams

Scott Adams, CEO/Founder of FraudPVP, is respected in online business, the card-not-present community, and the affiliate marketing community. He created FraudPVP as a consulting and services firm built on the idea that startups, small companies and growing companies need anti-fraud services just as much as the big guys. 


In one position, Scott grew a failing $5M eBook company into one with revenue of $25M annually and a healthy chargeback rate. While there, Scott built one of the earliest affiliate metrics tracking systems and developed proprietary anti-fraud software.


Most recently, Scott was Director of Fraud and Risk at Riot Games. He took that company from being fined by Visa/MasterCard and near TMF to good standing in months. Most fraud starts in the video game world and then migrates to merchants in other online spaces, so by continuing to work with gaming clients, FraudPVP can stay up-to-date, fight on the bleeding edge of digital fraud, and bring that experience to you. 


Scott is not a consultant or mentor. He is an "evolutioneer." He doesn't just give companies advice on how to level up their strategies and power up their fraud fighting; he fights right alongside them to help them reach new heights of success, even building out new, tailored tools and technology when necessary.


Scott is also a trained corporate speaker, a fixed-wing and rotor-wing pilot, and a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 

Courses by this teacher

Name Level Release Date
Fraud 101 12/07/2018
Accounting 101, Accounting Overview, Basics, and Best Practices 11/17/2020