What Payment Facilitators Need to Know
about Sub-merchant Set-up and Boarding

Course Duration: 1 Hour

Level - Beginner

Course Description

This session uncovers the “Who, What, Why and How” of Payment Facilitator sub-merchant boarding. This includes information about why your acquirer cares to benefits of the PF model to new account setup and maintenance.

Overall Course Objective

The objective is to provide a basic overview for the target audience so they will become more familiar with the requirements they have when becoming a Payment Facilitator.


Payment Facilitators, ISOs, Software Companies, anyone interesting in learning more about the requirement of being a Payment Facilitator.

Course Fee


Meet the Instructor

Dan Spalinger
Dan Spalinger
Senior Consultant

Dan Spalinger is a Senior Consultant helping Payment Facilitators and Acquiring Sponsors appropriately develop internal Underwriting, Credit and Risk policies and procedures in order to build a program of compliance and oversight required for submerchant acceptance.

Prior to engaging as a Consultant, Dan spent a decade as the Underwriting and Risk Manager for the Payment Facilitator program at Worldpay and prior to that at Chase Paymentech as well as over 15 years within the Credit departments of various Banking enterprises.  He now seeks to expand card acceptance across the globe, partnering with enterprises desiring to stand up programs necessary to mitigate risk in this burgeoning space.

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