BayPay Crypto and Blockchain Training with Jed McCaleb,

Co-founder and CTO of Stellar Development Foundation

Course Duration - 1.5 Hour

Level - Beginner

Course Overview

To give you a quick insight, Jed started MtGox on July 18 2010 because he thought the bitcoin community would need an exchange for trading bitcoin and fiat currencies. In December 2017, the total value of the crypto-currencies passed $600B and included over 1,300 different currencies.

The press with the rapid growth of Bitcoin and its digital alternatives has covered extensively last year the phenomenon so our take won’t be to repeat what has been said. As we have followed Bitcoin and the Blockchain for many years now, we will look into how the industry has evolved and specialized today as most people are confusing the currency with the technology and its applications.

Overall Course Objective

In addition to addressing the disruption in current financial markets, the course aims to uncover near-term business opportunities to bring value to society and increase social inclusion through eliminating the time-consuming and expensive notary and escrow services, shrink the settlement time of financial contracts and transform the landscape of legal contracts and procedures.

Students should leave the course with a comprehensive understanding of the global competitive landscape and core concepts of how Blockchain can affect a company's future performance.

Course Fee

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