Module 1 -

Anti-money laundering policy –

A global overview

Course Duration - 3 Hours

Level - Intermediate

Course Description

Anti Money Laundering is now a major issue for all the financial institutions, globally. The risks are continuously increasing, the legal requirements too. How to comply with all the AML rules and regulations? How to mitigate the risks for an innovative financial payment institution, fintech or bank? Especially when operating in different countries, all over the World, using faster payment and new technologies?

This Course is focused on optimizing compliance and choosing an efficient organization for AML scrutiny. It is divided into 3 modules:

1. AML policy - A global overview
2. AML specific requirements in the EU
3. Securing and optimizing payment services provided among various State-members in the EU

Overall Course Objective

Module 1 provides the survival kit for understanding why AML matters, what are the key requirements and how to implement an effective and efficient system to combat money laundering and terrorist financing.

The Risk-based approach is the main guideline for this 3 hours introductory course.


Business executive - Start-uppers and fintech innovators - AML Officers - Internal control officers

Course Fee

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